Saturday, January 22, 2022

Tips on Finishing your Odin's Creatures pullover

 Here is my gorgeous granddaughter in MY new sweater. I am keeping it.

I took lots of pictures along the way to help you knit it.  It is knit in the round with steeks at the front, and back neck and on the henley opening.

Back with Yggdrasil the tree of the
9 worlds.

Front has The horse Sleipnir  and the two wolves Geri and Freki

No steeks at the side but by carefully marking the side stitch you sew the middle stitch about 1/4" less than the width of the upper sleeve and sew it on with yarn along a garter ridge on the sleeve. Picture to follow.

I knit the neck in the round with a steek in the middle decreasing on both sides to match every row. Clearly marked on the pattern. No need to work back and forth and the way I knit the neck it makes it lovely rounded!

There are bindrunes all over this sweater. They are named on the pattern, all good ones like Spiritual health, Protection, Wolf, Horse and "A conspiracy of ravens"!! Who knew this is what a group of ravens are called. Huginn and Munin live on the upper sleeves.   There are a lot of charts and big so you can see them. Don't try to connect them around the body. I put the 3 lower front charts on the top of a magnet board and the 3 lower back charts below. It is easy to tell what row you are on by the pattern and the solid black lines every 10 rows.  You can number the lines if you wish. The top is easy to follow by watching where you are on the animals. You can see the rows done below the magnet strips and just move it every row. Don't move the charts, only when you need to flip the panels over and work on up.

The sleeve is charted the same way. If you can't understand this please write me at for help.
Increases are charted but you can change the lines to your desired size and length on the sleeve.
This is the steek mid front     You hold 3 sts on a holder
then cast on 9 sts which will be cut after sewing 4
rows of small machine stitching around the 3 center
stitches.  You can see the back stitching at the
bottom.  It is not scary.. Practice on the back neck!
Hold your hand under the steek and you won't cut through to the back

Some of us have a nice glass of wine after the cutting!  First measure, then sew then cut... Hope these pictures will help

You can see the center background 
stitch between front and back.  Sew  
the same 4 rows. I cut and then zig
zag the edge. All the stitching will 
be well hidden!

Seriously after you do a little it is easy.  I measure the width of the upper sleeve and sew around the 3 side center stitches. 4 rows of small stitching. Mark the depth well and down the center stitch  It is a great idea to use a different color thread so
you can see it.

Sew with the color of your garter ridge doing 
matress stitch on the body (keep it really straight
vertically)  Work into the garter bump on the
sleeve side.

This is from last years sweater but shows the arm
stitching better! You have to ease in stitches on the body size.

 Match the shoulder patterns exactly and do a 3 needle bind off from the inside.

  The neck is double and covers
the steeks.  This is my antique 
necklace hand stitched and 
bought in Germany when I 

Nice woven braid I stitched on to cover front steeks.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Mythical Creatures Too will be published this week!!! + Life in Nevada

My family in my sweaters   New hat and sweater on Paul my son

I want to introduce my new patterns (3) for this fall but also to give
instruction for finishing a Norwegian style sweater knit in the round
with steeks. The above sweater on my son Paul is my new Mythical
Creatures Too. The "Too" is to distinguish it from the earlier Mythical
Creatures hat. It had a different design. That other hat is in the last blog....

Men's or Women's Pullover with Placket and Pewter clasps in Rauma Finull PT2
Upper Back of Mythical Creatures Too.... Fabeldyr means mythical creatures
 in Norwegian (Dyr does not meen deer! but animal!)
this word may be omited if you want the grey boder all the way around.
See picture below for this border at sides...

 Note: you mark sides, that do not have steeks! Measure width of sleeve and
mark and cut body  slightly less than width. About 4-5 sts at edge of body are
lost at each side.

Armholes marked

Back of placket with 4 machine stitching rows ready to cut

Cutting placket open after sewn as above

Picking up sts along placket edge... Pick up 4 out of 5 sts for good ease
with smallest diameter needle.

Front Placket finished, cut, sts picked up along side and garter border knit on each side.

Sewing garter row on border to body with matress stitch on body side,
matching the garter bump on sleeve side.
You need to match sleeve to armhole in about 4 places and ease in body edge.
Facings is tacked to inside over cut edge later.

 Keep the body stitches exactly in the same line!

Upper sleeve with Gargoyle
I reproduced gargoyles from my daughter Tracy Horner's
"Castle Walls" Embroidery with her permission, of course.

Ink Circles "Castle Walls" with multiple wonderful Gargoyles!!!
I am stitching this too....

Hemming neckband to inside with whip stitch, keeping
 cut edges of steek to inside.

Mythical Creatures Too hat to match sweater

Ladies smaller Mythical Creatures Too hat .. Finishing up quickly then
to write the pattern!
I showed this picture so you can see how I follow the pattern
with a magnet board.

New St Olav cardi for children (in progress!!!)  Darling Kinley, my lovely model!!!

Back of childs sweater
Child's Olav

Viking ship on sleeves
What Annie and I do to get away from this computer!!!! This is
in my backyard. Fantastic small lake!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Recovered Blog and New House, New Hat!

Here is the new house! It has a roof! To the left is my garage.
 The first picture is the view from my new kitchen/ inside
before window is put in. That is Slide Mountain where the
Mt Rose ski area is located. The whole house and garage, plus big
garage for my son,are being attached to my son's existing house.
In fact that is what the workmen are doing right now.

New hat pattern/ nameless for now..... It has a Griffin on one
side and a Lion on the other. I am going to try to write up the
pattern today. It is a template for a new man's henley
sweater.   I want to get the yarn ordered and start soon. It is based
on 1500's patterns I was studying and doing a band sampler. The 
Facebook group "The Big Red Band Sampler***" is where my friends
and I are trying to show how to find really old, non copyright patterns
good for x stitch and knitting. Also crochet. Check out
one of the sites   I love the old
mideval animals like the spectalular Griffen!

Oh, I made the mistake of trying to change my google e-mail 
to my new name and lost my blog. Thank heaven I was able to
recover it!
Cute model is my son Paul who is building my house!!!!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Catching up

I have been sorely negligant with my blog... much apologies!  I haven't
posted since I was suddenly divorced in December and moved from
Oregon to Nevada to be near my son's family. So much has changed since
then. My name for one. I took my father's and great grandfathers name in
Cynthia Atley Peterson. Still Cindy to friends.
After Christmas I moved into my new "Tiny House". I am so comfortable
here and enjoy my new life style. Although it is only 209 sq feet, I have room
for everything except my Glimakra loom. By the middle of next winter
I will have a house built by my son, small but room for the loom! In the
meanwhile I have a great space for knitting and embroidery. Even a little
office complete enough to do my patterns.
Big Blue sampler

Madona and start of Saint Mark as a Lion

St Joan of Arc and St George with "placketts"

Top of Sampler with Lamb of God
This is my new sampler. Everything but one pattern is free and
available on the internet.  To friends, Kim Hershelman Brehm, and 
Bhooma Avaramudan have started a new Facebook page ***The Big Red
Band Sampler      I was contrary and did mine blue this time. Kim's is the 
traditional red.
Kimberly Hershelman Brehm
In our group, you are all free to join, there are files where to find all

the patterns free and otherwise, to make your own.

Here is IAN 1823 that I finished last spring. It is a Fresian
sampler that was an old Permin sampler. Instead of the traditional blue, I
chose to make it with left over silks of all colors.
New "Tiny House" delivered Christmas morning

My son Paul plowing me out!
My new stitching chair, really comfortable!

The Kitchen
Living room

My son's house and boathouse, my tiny on left
You have to look really hard to the left to see my tiny house! The best part of
living at my son's is it comes with a lake. I purchased an old canoe and my 
Annie loves to go out with me.
Annie jumped in
Heading to the island

Annie says good night