Sunday, February 3, 2013

Olav Cardi finished and worn to Yaquina Fiber Arts Spin In 2013

 February 2, 2013  Annual "Spin In" of the Yaquina Fiber Arts Guild.

Couldn't have been more fun! Way over 100 ladies and a few men from
all over Washington, Idaho and Oregon.Many, many wheels, all types,
 some of the new electric. 
I like to pedal with my feet. I just got my new cardi finished in time to
wear it. Sewed the last button on the night before, while grabbing
it off the Woolie Board slightly damp. It was pretty warm but I had
to wear it anyway.  I have my trusty double treadle Lendrum.

Me and my Lendrum in the Saint Olav

Aurora Colony Fiber Arts
A Fiber Arts Studio in Aurora Oregon

There were over 20 vendors selling mostly roving and wool of all colors.
This is such a fun place to take pictures with all the brilliance of hues.

A little 6 day old lamb named Elf came with his adopted mommy.
He still needs to eat every few hours and couldn't be left home.
He is a type of Southdown breed, Pelapay.

Assorted spinners
                     My friend Bonnie has on her maroon/ white sweater knit from 
                     my very first original pattern. Came out super great!!!

This is Dave Yocom with his lovely wood bowl for knitters.

                      Looks like he can make some spiffy bobbins too!!!
                      (the neat murals are part of the Newport Middle School where
                      we are lucky to hold our event)
Alexandra's Crafts
                                                        Good site for hand dyed roving.
                                           Oregon is blooming with these new wool flowers.
Lois from Bellwether Wool Company
                  This great sheep farm was featured in the Last Spin Off
                  as one of the few American Farms to raise Wensleydale sheep.
                  The wool has a high luster, but the sheep are beyond beautiful.. see Spin Off....
Meg and Freda- our announcers of great door prizes!

Plum Crazy Ranch & Fiber's booth

Shaggy Bear Farms- my favorite roving and yarn!!!

Spinner with a cool lap protector
Her shirt says it all:  Got Wool???
                                           She sure has some pretty roving at her side!!!
Most of the Yaquina Fiber Arts group
My Saint Olav Cardigan

St Olav up closer    Dragon ship on right, Snakes on left arm

Back with "Heilag Olav og Hans Menn" 
                                              (Saint Olav and his Men in Norsk)
Shoulder detail
                       Now I have it knit I will write the pattern as soon as possible. 
                       It will be on my website:
                        Norsk Needlework   and Ravelry.