Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Christiania/Oslo" Finished!!!

I have been stitching since last July on the 2nd biggest cross stitch kit from
Eva Rosenstand of Denmark. It was a pure joy to do and wonderful to work
on. Now it is finished and hung. Yeah!!! 10 months is a real record for me.

Many years ago I stitched the largest of ER, "Stockholmia". It was started
in 1982. I remember, because as I was setting up the colors, marking
the middles ect. I was watching TV and saw that President Reagan had been
shot. It is one of those clear moments when you remember exactly where
you were. I finished it in 1993. So... it took 11 years. This is because I was
working full time as a critical care nurse and raising 3 children. I also knit a
whole lot of sweaters during that time. It was entered into a large EGA
jurried show when I lived in California and won best of counted work
over approximately 350 entries. Needless to say I couldn't have been prouder.
I think the judges were wowed by the sheer endurance and tenacity.
Also the colors are stunning. On both these pieces I just loved
doing the ships.

These large pieces are so fun to work and I actually feel a loss when they are
finished because I want to haul them out and get back to work! I learned
to cross stitch when I was about 23 and living in Europe. A Norwegian
girlfriend  introduced me to Eva Rosenstand kits. I did quite a few of them and
then carried them in my old Norsk Needlework shop in Wyoming. These
kits can still be  ordered from several places on the internet for those of
you that want to get stitching.