Saturday, November 1, 2014

3 New Patterns and Beautiful Fall Day for pictures

I have 3 new items finished, now have pictures and patterns are partly
written!!!  I feel like I am getting something accomplished now I have 
my new bionic lenses and cataracts are fini!!!
First a new sweater now called" Old World Garden",
formerly "chickenwire", well it does have chickens and lots of
"wire". But friends made fun of the name!

Mollie and Harley the dog

Next a hat to go with Berit's Double Hearts. I like this one the best of
all the hats I have made. I love the 5 points. it fits perfect too.
Harley enjoying the picture taking! He is a very cute little guy!

And last my "Demon Locust" Mittens. You may think it is just a grasshopper
but it is adapted from a really old (18th century) Transylvania
embroidery pattern, and they say "Demon" like in Revelations.

See the little locust on the thumb?

Love the new green in the Finullgarn with the beautiful moss in my yard!!!
After my friend Mollie was kind enough to model for
me again, I went to the next farm of my friend Michele and visited
her Angora goats and sheep. They are in the middle of the breeding
season and pretty dirty, especially "Thorn" the big
Angora Goat buck, wait until you see him at his dirtiest!!
Quite the contrast with the clean little babies.
Thorn with his big beautiful, dangerous horns
He has gorgeous fleece and is a great stud, under all the dirt!!!
Thorn has been a very bad boy. He broke out of his fence
3 times and escaped into the hay barn where he munched!!!
You should see the big gate hook he broke!!! I would
NOT go in his pen for anything. He does have gorgeous
children though!!

Baby angora lamb, maybe a child of the Dangerous Thorn

This is a "blue" baby angora lamb

Some Gotland cross sheep, great fleece, nice sheep!!

Peanut, beautiful Angora "red" baby goat
this fleece just shines after it is washed, very silky!!!!

The black faced sheep in front is a Blue Faced Leiester/ Gotland cross and
will have marvelous fleece
Now I am spinning and weaving so much can you
see why I love living in central Oregon with all the beautiful fleece?
More than I could use in a lifetime!!!
It is sure fun to have friends with real farms! After a bit my friend
Michele, (her sheep and goats) is going to make a webpage and sell
some fleece, yarn (hand dyed) and such. I will make it known when it happens.