Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Twisted Tulips Help on Finishing and construction!!!

Darcy on Thanksgiving day!



Tulip I used in sweater

Tulips for 2 more choices in the "twisted body and

sleeve.  Everything and how to work it is in the pattern.

Try it on at this point. Use 2 long

 cable needles or put a length of 

slippery purl cotton in stitches.

You can put the purl cotton in the 

hole of the needle and pull it through.  

the stitches. After joining

must be divisible by 24 +1. each "pie" 

will add about 3".  I had to actually

 decrease it a lot before the yoke 

on my first go. It fits perfectly now.  

You can see the underarm stitches on safety pins that are to be kitchenered


Sewing the steek. Tulip has stripes too!
Mark it well!

Darcy trying it on before I cut the steeks
and shaped the back neck with short rows
I washed it before I cut steeks to be sure both
sides matched!!!!

Front borders are set for clasps, but if you prefer
buttons just make buttonhole loops with yarn for the
The back is so pretty it would make a great
pullover!  Just start the row under the arm
and work front same as back. Work the short
rows from the  center front! E mail me at cindy@norskneedlework.com for help!

Hold your hand under the scissors and
be sure not to snip yarn on the back. 
Easier than it looks!!! Make a sample
to cut!!!

Steeks cut and zig zaged edges. Believe
me it will NOT come apart. Work sewing from
same direction= top to bottom

I picked up, from top to bottom both sides, 4 out of
5 stitches on smallest needle to knit front bands.
Work one row of K2 tog. YO  across, then work more rows of stockinet stitch.  Sewing it up is easy if you use the bar on the back between where you picked up the stitches. Then it won't skew to side.

Wear it and Enjoy!!!!