Friday, August 26, 2011

Toledo/ Oregon not Ohio! Wooden Boat Show and Yaquina Fiber Arts

The Gal   This boat is featured on the "T" shirt

                Saturday the 20th was maybe one of the sunniest, beautiful days
                we could have had in Toledo for the annual Wooden Boat Show.
                There were many beautiful boats and I just loved the rock 'n roll
                of my friends, husbands band. It was great 70/80's stuff!
                They will be playing at "BurntWoodsStock" Aug 26.
                 It was about 75 with a cool breeze off the lovely Yaquina River.

Yaquina river with boats the day of the Wooden Boat Show

My friend Bonnie

A sailor with the
"Gal" T on, cute shirt, I bought 2!

Oregon sailor with his dog

The Eddie St Claire band with my friend Bonnie's husband center

Yaquina Fiber Arts Guild Aug 20, 2011

                   We meet every 3rd Sat at the Toledo library and spin,
                    knit or anything you want to do with needles and fiber.
                    I took home a nice bag of lovely chocolate fiber off my
                    friends alpaca. Makes nice yarn, especially mixed with a
                    little wool for stretch.

Only 6 of us this day but we had fun knitting and spinning.

                                                      Much quieter group than normal!
Margaret's really pretty single ply
Jan's very pretty first ply
Jan spinning, me knitting my newest pattern(this is a sneak peak!)
Lovely colors of Alpaca
Connie's Shawl

                                 As usual I put up too many pictures, but couldn't resist.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Whole Family here for Vacation!

                                     My 3 kids, spouses and 6 grandkids here at once!
                                     ( Missing 1 grandson,sil and husband not in pic)
                                     E at Oregon Coast Aquarium watching seals
                                     Tidepool At OCA with 3 grandkids
                                    Marine gardens below our house with youngest
                                 Huge gumboot chitin all curled up; we put him back!

                                    My favorite Great Blue Heron. I always take
                                     his picture!

                                    Smallest granddaughter with snail. Can you believe
                                    it was this warm and sunny here? The whole week!!!
                                   One of our 100 seals and gull
                                     Searching out all the nooks and crannies full of
                                     anemones and starfish.
                                   We have never had such great weather during our
                                    vacations and my grandchildren (all from dry areas
                                    had more fun than ever at the ocean.
                                   I got to keep Hannah (17) for an extra week as
                                   we do every summer. She is part fish and loves our
                                   beaches as do my dogs.        

Friday, August 5, 2011

New Norsk Needlework Embroidery pattern

                                          Norsk Fairytale was adapted from 17th century
                                          Norwegian  woven coverlets. It has a Queen and
                                          King riding their horses in a field of flowers, under
                                          the shadow of the castle... and of course they lived,
                                          as you can guess,"Hapily Ever After".
                                          Stitched on 36 ct Picture This Plus, Relic, linen
                                          with gorgeous Gentle Arts Sampler threads.There
                                          are hardanger style stars, but no cutting and very
                                          large clear diagrams that make it easy to stitch.
                                          The model is on its way to Baltimore for the TNNA
                                          needlework show and will be in the "Ink Circles"
                                          booth. Both this pattern and the following
                                          "Project 99" will  be for sale at the show and then
                                          on the Ink Circle site  as well as many fine
                                          needlework shops all over the world.

                                                         Early 17th Century woven coverlet

                                                  "Project 99"
                                                  This fun project was stitched by Tracy (my
                                                  daughghter, the designer of "Ink Circles")
                                                  after she solicited favorite local brews
                                                  from stitchers.
                                                  Tracy wrote:
                                                  Last summer I asked my friends and followers
                                                  to tell me which brands of beers they liked.
                                                  I had enthusiasts from around the globe tell
                                                  me about their local breweries, spots they hit
                                                  on vacation, and tastiest drinks.
                                                  This design was stitched on appropriately
                                                  "Ale" linen by Picture This Plus. 32 ct. with
                                                  DMC threads. I find it amazing that with a
                                                  few well placed stitches the brews are