Thursday, February 25, 2016

Crackle Workshop at Baker Retreat, Powell Butte

Our guild COSW (Central Oregon Spinners and Weavers) had a fantastic
3 day Workshop on Weaving Traditional Crackle "Jamtlandsdrall" Swedish, with
treadling from other forms of weaving. It was intense and mind bending.
We had about 4-5 hours of lecture with graphics from Susan Wilson each 
day and then hours of weaving.

Susan used this book for the instruction and most of you weavers could follow along
with the book and learn this successfully.  The first 2 days we learned to weave the treadlings
in 4 shaft Crackle and the 3rd day in 8 shaft.
Some of the weavers were our local guild but many were
from all over Eastern Oregon.

Susan with a pretty baby blanket

Me.....and Karen my friend

Susan's samples
Crackle treadled as boundweave

Susan's 4 shaft samples

Crackle blanket woven as classic  with wool
Crackle woven as summer winter

Susan's samples
Student's samples

My humble weaving with many, many mistakes... oh well
good learning experience

Classes held at Dioceses of Baker Catholic retreat center
The chapel
Now I am a member in this Diocese, maybe I can go to
some Catholic retreats here! Such a lovely quiet place.

Kitchen with the cutest red stove ever.

Love this hand made table!!!
Colours add a whole new dimension

I think this 8 shaft pattern is Susan Wilson's that was on the cover of
the Strickler 8 shaft book many of us have. Susan has many pages of
Drafts and draw-downs. This is another GREAT book.

Learning 8 shaft weaving, enough to make your head
explode but we all got it because Susan is a fantastic teacher.

My favoring weaving in crackle. Beautiful!!!

A neat camera that projects through the laptop to the screen
shown above.

More from the 8 shaft book

I loved this little towel that one of Susan's students made.
The crackle treadling makes nice Lacey texture on the white center part too.
Remember you too can weave these samples with Susan's Book!
You weavers across the USA get Susan to teach soon because
when her 45 lb suitcase of samples falls apart... she may retire from teaching.
COSW members, or any friend, feel free to copy the pictures of our class.
My guild is already planning more classes here!! They have cute cabins for
overnight and will serve food too. This time we "pot lucked" it.