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Reindeer Tracks Cardigan Published!

This is the Reindeer Tracks! 

  My daughter Darcy was kind enough to be my model again.  This is a bottom up, all in one piece yoke sweater. The designs are inspired by the Riddarateppid in Reykjavik Iceland. My friend who lives there went to the museum and photographed the wall hanging made in the 16th Century.  It was done in twistsøm. It is a Norwegian embroidery technique with long arm cross stitch.  I found a wonderful Facebook site that does this embroidery. Check it out! Sy tvist

About 2 years ago I started an embroidery called "Opus Magnusson" from my friend, Julia Line  at Long Dog. This is my, changed version. I also have a book of Icelandic embroidery and found some more adaptations of the Riddarateppid.  I fell in love with the Reindeer and you can see the resemblance!                   

I then adapted the reindeer for my sweater and gave him curly horns. The tall motifs,  behind the  reindeer are the Bishop's crook.  The bottom border on the sweater is from the bottom row of the Riddarateppid. I put it on the edge of my embroidery.                                             

Magnus my pup got his name from Opus Magnusson! His registered name is Olav Magnusson.  Since he can never be a father that is very inconsequential!

Back to the sweater. I made better clear charts some in color.The pattern is written for 7 sizes and 2 lengths (body and arms)
It uses Rauma Finull from Norway and the new Tumi. Same gauge and really soft with half alpaca. Remember Alpaca is really warmer that wool. With this combination it is just great for our cold high desert winter. Unfortunately it snowed 12" the day after I took the pictures!!!
It is Kitchener stitched under the arms and front bands knit after it is complete.
The picture with the clasp and Helm of Awe protection rune buttons is below. I get them from   A wonderful shop where the buttons are made in pewter in Boise Idaho.  Clasp from                                                             there too. 

   The yarn is mostly the new heather   finull which is  dyed on grey sheep   wool and gives it a nice depth. The   cast on is done with old twisted   Norwegian longtail alternating colors.   The bottom border is done in 3 colors.   I hold 2 in my left hand and catch     floats easinly with my right. It is not   bad to do after a little practice.

   I put the tracks in the middle of the stars
       and in two places on the yoke.

 We used to have a reindeer farm near my farm in Oregon!
 They trotted them out every Christmas!

Here is the inside with the facing stitched down, or you can sew on a ribbon.  You bind off the 4 facing stitches at the neck.
      Here are some steek cutting photos!

  Work bands and neck.
                                                                            Then you are finished.

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