Saturday, December 29, 2018

Recovered Blog and New House, New Hat!

Here is the new house! It has a roof! To the left is my garage.
 The first picture is the view from my new kitchen/ inside
before window is put in. That is Slide Mountain where the
Mt Rose ski area is located. The whole house and garage, plus big
garage for my son,are being attached to my son's existing house.
In fact that is what the workmen are doing right now.

New hat pattern/ nameless for now..... It has a Griffin on one
side and a Lion on the other. I am going to try to write up the
pattern today. It is a template for a new man's henley
sweater.   I want to get the yarn ordered and start soon. It is based
on 1500's patterns I was studying and doing a band sampler. The 
Facebook group "The Big Red Band Sampler***" is where my friends
and I are trying to show how to find really old, non copyright patterns
good for x stitch and knitting. Also crochet. Check out
one of the sites   I love the old
mideval animals like the spectalular Griffen!

Oh, I made the mistake of trying to change my google e-mail 
to my new name and lost my blog. Thank heaven I was able to
recover it!
Cute model is my son Paul who is building my house!!!!