Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim and Saint Olav

The foundation for this cathedral was first laid in 1248. A major fire
happened in 1531 and many renovations took place after this. The new
west front was designed in 1907 by Olaf Norddhagen.   This design had
the new rose window and tiers of statues.76 statues are on this front.
St Olav is 4th from the left on the middle tier.

You can tell him by the axe, third from left bottom in this picture.
You will see why I am fixated on the broad axe later.
A picture of  Saint Olav on his name day, someone climbed way high to place flowers.

 I did not take this picture (hint: blue sky!) I just want everyone to see this
magnificent cathedral from the big picture.
This is the weather the day I was there, at least not raining actively!

Breathtaking rose window, so beautiful inside where no pictures allowed

Crucifix on front side

West Front

Here is God's House, Here is Heavens Gate, in Norwegian

Taken from the Kristiansten Fortress up on the hill
A picture I did not take to show you the magnificent interior

 When I walked around behind the alter, I could see immense beams
all charred and blackened (might be from 1248) with a very shiny patina
from the length of time they have been there after a fire. I got goose bumps
thinking of all the history and Saint Olav's tomb there. We just don't appreciate
the age of things like this here.

King Olav II, Olav Haraldsson, brought Christianity to Norway in the
2nd Century. By forming all the Christian parishes throughout the land
Norway was more a united nation. He was killed in 1030 at the battle
of Stiklestad 29 July. He was buried somewhere around the high alter
of the place where the Nidaros Cathedral now stands. When they moved
his coffin to the present spot in 1031 reportedly his body lay unblemished.
He was subsequently beatified and is now the patron Saint
of Norway. He was killed with 3 wounds, one from a battle ax.
Now the Shield of Norway has his ax, the crown and Lion
Here are my Shield of Norway Mittens made to celebrate the
200th anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution.  Pattern now available
at Norsk Needlework  and Ravelry.   *Norsk oversettelsen inkludert*

Konge Tinn spoon which got me started on my quest
see: "Heilag Olav og Hans Menn" Saint Olav and his men.

Back of the Saint Olav pullover:  Heilag Olav og hans menn 1030 across the top

 So, way back a year ago, I looked at the spoon and got the idea of a Story
of Olav sweater. I started researching him and found the history intriguing.
The further I got, I found so many related pictures and motifs.
I will be the first to admit the pullover is "busy"! But oh
so fun to knit. I haven't decided whether to make up the pattern yet.
It depends on if anyone is interested. Please let me know!!!
The book I purchased at the Cathedral in June 2012
Well after I had the pattern graphed and started, I found out I could go
to Norway and was thrilled to see the fantastically beautiful cathedral.
The book above tells the story of all the statues and pretty much all
about the Cathedral.    Visit Trondheim
I put this link here. I shared it on Facebook and they send me the most
fabulous pictures almost every day. It makes me want to return to Trondheim
so much!!!!! I just loved it there.
I also purchased this necklace of Saint Olav's Cross, which I adapted for my sweater

 My son picked out all the colors and helped with the motifs and ideas. We
shared a fun time getting it all planned. He is anxious to wear it skiing at Tahoe
(practically in his yard)

Paul's New sweater ready for his visit here at Christmas. I am so very happy how well it came out!!!