Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stitching at the Beach

This is becoming an annual event. 26 ladies for a 4 day stitching retreat.
 Much good companionship and the best weather this weekend ever!
I took many more pictures outside from our walks on the beach. There 
were 2 ways to get to the beach from our rented house. Up the stairs
and down the 130 stairs, or all the way down and around the hill.
I went on long walks every day and feel great!

View from the top of the "inside" stairs

Down the 130 stairs! My daughter Tracy with whom I had a great visit!

Behind Olivia beach community

Our big house, plenty large for all 26 of us

Peek over the top of hill
Cormorants sunning

view of Olivia Beach from our balcony

summer stitching

Tara's beautiful "Carnation Quaker"

Diane's "Spring Quaker" from Karen Kluba, I have this one to do too

Michelle's "Flemish Giant" from Long Dog... absolutely stunning!

a cozy nook to stitch in

Great fun was had by all. Terrific food from Vicki, who organized the retreat,and Donna!
Wonderful setting for a getaway!!!