Sunday, February 15, 2015

Spring spinning in is 65.. therefore... "spring"

Our spinning guild met at our local library.
Lovely room, bright and sunny, with very
nice murals. That's me in front of the
unicorn... having fun now!! Note the
cool 3D bobbin!! Christmas present from
dear daughter Tracy.

Diane in her brand new sirkler sweater she just finished!

She is a star pupil and did the whole sweater perfectly!
Back of Tracys sirkler sweater in dark turquoise

lots of spinning = FUN on Valentines Day

Close up of new 3D bobbins!! every color has a different pattern
Aker works makes the #D printed bobbins in every color 
of the rainbow, for all the spinnning wheels! 
In a whole lot of patterns.  How fun! They work too!!!!
Hitchiker scarf I made for dear daughter Darcy for Christmas

My friend Carrie modeling a cap Randee made for her grandson!

Our one horned buck scraping off the velvet
We have had a whole lot of deer lately. 5 bucks in a group one day,
6 does another and a new baby a few days ago. They never stay in
one place long enough for a picture.

The 3 sisters on Valentines Day
snow level is melting away!!! Not a good prognosis for summer water
Sister in December from our house,
snow level is much lower
Here is what I am working on now! I know, lots of projects, but I am
rewarding myself with new starts as I finished the big long term 3 last
My daughter Tracy's {Ink Circles} Big Red Ship of Life
I have 40 ct lakeside linen vintage sand and Gloriana silk Schoolhouse Red

My new teppe (wall hanging or table runner)
I am using Norwegian linen warp and Prydvevgarn wool
Humble beginnings of : His Eye is On the Sparrow
vintage country mocha 40 ct and Gentle Arts Sampler threads

Another Tracy {Ink Circles} design: Blue Morpho
only 3 days in, with Gloriana silk and Legacy PTP 36ct linen
I wanted something easier to see to take to Nashville. I
am going with Tracy Feb 26 for the TNNA!!! Yeah!!! I
will be sure to take lots of pictures of the embroidery at the show