Saturday, October 19, 2019

Mythical Creatures Too will be published this week!!! + Life in Nevada

My family in my sweaters   New hat and sweater on Paul my son

I want to introduce my new patterns (3) for this fall but also to give
instruction for finishing a Norwegian style sweater knit in the round
with steeks. The above sweater on my son Paul is my new Mythical
Creatures Too. The "Too" is to distinguish it from the earlier Mythical
Creatures hat. It had a different design. That other hat is in the last blog....

Men's or Women's Pullover with Placket and Pewter clasps in Rauma Finull PT2
Upper Back of Mythical Creatures Too.... Fabeldyr means mythical creatures
 in Norwegian (Dyr does not meen deer! but animal!)
this word may be omited if you want the grey boder all the way around.
See picture below for this border at sides...

 Note: you mark sides, that do not have steeks! Measure width of sleeve and
mark and cut body  slightly less than width. About 4-5 sts at edge of body are
lost at each side.

Armholes marked

Back of placket with 4 machine stitching rows ready to cut

Cutting placket open after sewn as above

Picking up sts along placket edge... Pick up 4 out of 5 sts for good ease
with smallest diameter needle.

Front Placket finished, cut, sts picked up along side and garter border knit on each side.

Sewing garter row on border to body with matress stitch on body side,
matching the garter bump on sleeve side.
You need to match sleeve to armhole in about 4 places and ease in body edge.
Facings is tacked to inside over cut edge later.

 Keep the body stitches exactly in the same line!

Upper sleeve with Gargoyle
I reproduced gargoyles from my daughter Tracy Horner's
"Castle Walls" Embroidery with her permission, of course.

Ink Circles "Castle Walls" with multiple wonderful Gargoyles!!!
I am stitching this too....

Hemming neckband to inside with whip stitch, keeping
 cut edges of steek to inside.

Mythical Creatures Too hat to match sweater

Ladies smaller Mythical Creatures Too hat .. Finishing up quickly then
to write the pattern!
I showed this picture so you can see how I follow the pattern
with a magnet board.

New St Olav cardi for children (in progress!!!)  Darling Kinley, my lovely model!!!

Back of childs sweater
Child's Olav

Viking ship on sleeves
What Annie and I do to get away from this computer!!!! This is
in my backyard. Fantastic small lake!