Friday, July 1, 2011

Waldport/ Yachats Secret Garden Tour

                                                                                                                                                                                                          This was the "Secret
                                        Garden" tour of Waldport
                                         and Yachats, to up in the
                                         hills to the east. It included
                                         8 gardens. Most by the
                                        Alsea and Yachats rivers.
                                        The proceeds of the tour went to the
                                       "Samaritan House" providing shelter for
                                        the homeless along  the  Oregon coast.

                                   This Alium Gigantus was the most
                                              spectacular flower.
                                   Further down is a variety of the regular size.

  This old tree was struck
 by lightning and landed
 with the pieces like this.
 It is HUGE. The whole
 top half is out of the
 picture. It makes a lovely
 cover for this nice
                                           Two of the gardens were
                                          on neighboring properties
                                          separated by a wonderful
                                           path strewn with 
                                          evergreen huckleberries
                                           It was my favorite,
                                            magical place.

 An apple blossom viburnum.
Strikingly beautiful.

                                            Escalonia pruned into gorgeous trees!
                                          Many, many glass chickens in this garden.                      

Colorful Watsonia. Some
turn red,  purple, or pink
if grown near the white.

                                         So, this white one is kept by itself!

                                          A very unique octopus.
                                                  Along the Yachats river.

                                            An oriental garden
This is quite
a few pictures,
but I narrowed it
from over 100.
My friends and I
 enjoyed our day.