Friday, August 3, 2018

Catching up

I have been sorely negligant with my blog... much apologies!  I haven't
posted since I was suddenly divorced in December and moved from
Oregon to Nevada to be near my son's family. So much has changed since
then. My name for one. I took my father's and great grandfathers name in
Cynthia Atley Peterson. Still Cindy to friends.
After Christmas I moved into my new "Tiny House". I am so comfortable
here and enjoy my new life style. Although it is only 209 sq feet, I have room
for everything except my Glimakra loom. By the middle of next winter
I will have a house built by my son, small but room for the loom! In the
meanwhile I have a great space for knitting and embroidery. Even a little
office complete enough to do my patterns.
Big Blue sampler

Madona and start of Saint Mark as a Lion

St Joan of Arc and St George with "placketts"

Top of Sampler with Lamb of God
This is my new sampler. Everything but one pattern is free and
available on the internet.  To friends, Kim Hershelman Brehm, and 
Bhooma Avaramudan have started a new Facebook page ***The Big Red
Band Sampler      I was contrary and did mine blue this time. Kim's is the 
traditional red.
Kimberly Hershelman Brehm
In our group, you are all free to join, there are files where to find all

the patterns free and otherwise, to make your own.

Here is IAN 1823 that I finished last spring. It is a Fresian
sampler that was an old Permin sampler. Instead of the traditional blue, I
chose to make it with left over silks of all colors.
New "Tiny House" delivered Christmas morning

My son Paul plowing me out!
My new stitching chair, really comfortable!

The Kitchen
Living room

My son's house and boathouse, my tiny on left
You have to look really hard to the left to see my tiny house! The best part of
living at my son's is it comes with a lake. I purchased an old canoe and my 
Annie loves to go out with me.
Annie jumped in
Heading to the island

Annie says good night