Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rhododendren at Home

Of the things one can count on at the Oregon coast, certainly it is lots of rain and more of the Rhododendron!

These photos were all taken in my yard or within a 5 min walk! It is a spring paradise. Actually our first variety bloomed in January and the last will go to August, but May is prime!
                                               The entrance to our street.

                                            This is a wild "fern garden" by a little stream.

                                           This bank of blossoms is 12 feet tall!

                                               a purple bell flower called a campanula.

First Post at Home

Annie, short for "Oleanna", my 3 year old Aussie. Loves to go for walks on the ocean.

 Mac, 7 year old Border Collie. Loves to go for a walk carrying the biggest stick he can find.

I picked out Annie one day without too much for-thought as she looked like Mac's little sister!

They even both have 3 tan legs and one left white front leg. Annie is a little fluffier, Mac more wavy
fur. She has more black around her eyes and he has more tan. They both weigh 53 lbs!  To this day people think they are brother and sister. They had a few dust ups to begin with but now truly love each other and play well.