Monday, June 8, 2015

It is all about ALPACA and OWLS

Spring Shear in Terrebonne at Crescent Moon Ranch

3 colors of Cria I came home with!!!! All the bags have the names on them!
 This is Cria (baby Alpaca) softer than you can imagine!! 
My weaving/spinning guilds were invited to spin at
Crescent Moon Alpaca ranch in Terrebonne Oregon.  It is a
festival with the shearing + a great barbecue ,proceeds to go
to Veterans Buddies, service dogs. Live music too!
So, I  and all my friends spun under the trees in lovely shade.
It got up to 92 degrees! The best part is we were given some of
the older alpaca from last year. I had never spun with 100%
alpaca before, right off the animal. My friend Jeanette (below)
showed me how to grab some locks, comb off the tips to open
them up and spin away. Couldn't have been easier. It was
amazingly clean. I had a few seeds, grass and sand in my lap
after spinning. You can see my results above.
Right now you can follow the link above and buy the fleece or finished
sweaters, coats, scarfs, socks + in their store!
Me with my black new alpaca

Jeanette, my great teacher Spinning sooo fine!
Jeanette's gorgeous alpaca

Barbara spinning

Michele and more friends

More of the guild members having fun in the sun/ shade
Cria ready to shear, she is about 9 months old

Stretched out to hold her still
Lovingly held the whole time!

being sheared

Such a darling sheared Cria

Good meal before and after the shear

Love the look of the graceful neck after shearing

More moms and babies (my black Clarabell in center)

Hanging out after shearing

This is the black mom whose fleece I am spinning
 with her rusty colored baby
So... after we were thoroughly cooked (92 degrees at the end of the
afternoon) we had a rootbeer float and went home. HAPPY!!!

A young visitor Ava, learned to spin and did soooo well!!!

Now for the OWLS... We are sooo lucky. We had a 
family of Great Horned Owls move into our lower back 
pasture, by the irrigation pond. I think they are eating the
many frogs! They have been here for a week and I am
enjoying them every day.
Mom the first day

2 babies the second day

more of the babies at sunset

How fluffy the babies are! Short "horns"

Every evening I keep following the owls around and they
are so used to me they don't fly away anymore! Love them.

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