Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Market Day in Prineville/ Great Success!!!

 All 50 booths were sold! Great variety of fiber/ yarn
/ books/ weaving &
spinning tools and more! People came from all over the states of
Oregon and Washington to little Prineville (pop 2000 something!)

My booth Norsk Needlework
I had my sweaters, caps, mittens for patterns, my new
weaving products for sale... and I remembered the original sign from
my actual shop in Wyoming, painted by my dad.. 40+ years old!!!
Quite a few people signed up to take a "Glitten" knitting class!
Anyone interested be sure to call or e-mail me:  cindy@norskneedlework.com
See the glittens above on the left of the "Mitten tree"
My friend Michele's Frolic Fibers

She harvests the fiber from her Angora goats and sheep,
washes, cards, dyes, and spins beautiful art yarns
She was also in charge of this whole great show. If I was tired
I think she was more so! But did such a wonderful job!!!
She even had a cart for coffees and a barbecue site for lunch!

Bad Boys Barbecue LLC
This was the tastiest!!! ever!!!!
I had beef brisket sandwich and fresh asparagus!!!

Hand dyed from her Angora goats

special spinning of the fiber

Toots Le Blanc and Co.

sweater from her alpaca yarn

example of her woven alpaca/ I want to try this gorgeous pattern!!!
Her yarns are all natural and just fabulous!! I want to get
some angora (the bunny kind!)

Crooked River Alpacas

from Crooked River Ranch just north of us here in Redmond

wonderful yarn and products

Leslie Hanson with her Crooked River angora products.

Cindy's Treasures
she has angora Rabbits! so gorgeous and soft!!!
from Chalis Washington

My Weaving guild   Central Oregon Spinning and Weaving

all these things were on sale from my guild

same guild/ excellent weaving!!!

Guard of the Alpacas!!! Love him, he was so friendly to me!
looks like Mac and Annie's brother!!

His Alpaca's to guard

Sweet little alpaca's kids were allowed to pet!
There are a whole lot of Alpaca's around here! This
fiber is available to me for the first time.

Lovely products made from above Alpacas!
Desert song alpacas Sisters Oregon, Marlene Baldock
Eugene Textile center/ they brought nearly the whole store!
I was really impressed. They have a full line of everything needed
for weaving, spinning and everything else!

Fiber and books!!

My friends spinning at the info booth
Note Diane's gorgeous Sirkler sweater
I kept pointing her out as my model!!!

My ANWAG spinning guild people having fun!!
too bad I was too busy to join them this time.
I was so exhausted after this day, and of course
setting up Friday. I had to come home and take a nap!
It was so much fun. I met so many wonderful people and saw
so many fiber products!!!  This year was fantastic!!


  1. WOW! Cindy, everything looks fabulous and I don't even spin or weave. It all makes me want to try though

  2. Oh My... all these lucious fibers. Made me wish I knew how to knit or weave. Also wish I had an alpaca.