Friday, June 19, 2015

"Weft Over Sale" at Tollgate near Sisters

Weavers get the joke... "Weft Over" as we all have them!
Fun to purchase from a good selection. There was lots of cones of
thread and even looms and Spinning wheels. It was a hot gorgeous
day, but cool in the club house and in the shade. Every one brings
such good food for the picnic that we were all hardly able to waddle
from the table.  This is the COSW group that meets every 3rd Wed in
Did you know Oregon has a plaid?
First business the SALE!!!

My friend bought this wheel to teach a young spinner.

Nice quilt in the Tollgate clubhouse

Next the meeting.
Then "show and tell" of which the "Oregon Plaid" above was
 a beautiful piece.
An Alpaca shawl Barb purchased recently in Peru

Rep weave that my study group worked on for the past months.
One nice lady actually got some woven! Actually quite a
few did, but not me.... I was just working on other things.
We tackle Overshot next and I am really ready for that.

A tiny beaded/ knit purse I helped my friend to knit.
Then we got to eat out in the warm sun! These ladies know how
to cook!!!

Annie and I are still out looking for owls.

By the irrigation pond in the sunset.

So many things happening in June!!! Tomorrow is Black Sheep in Eugene!!!
We look forward to that all year.

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