Sunday, June 21, 2015

From the Animals to the Finished Product- Black Sheep Gathering

Ol'Blue Eyes!!! He was so sweet!!!

Black Sheep Gathering was Fantastic!!! It was different as all the
outside vendors had to move into the main building. There were
113vendors,I was told. Of course all the animals and fiber were there.
 You can see the whole process of animal, to fiber, to wonderful art

Some very fine sheep from my friend Susie Wilson's Farm
Sudan Farm
Tiny Angora Goats (Mohair)

Getting gussied up to show.. what a cute boy!!!

look close, wonderful crimp!!! My First choice!

a whole room of fleeces!!!

Allu Daugherty blending fibers to rolags

Moonsong Fiber Works

Mixed fiber rolags

Alpaca scarf woven by Dave Zandberg

Alpaca from Sandberg and Zofchak

Lovely Alpaca from Dallas Or at above website. David's woven

scarfs are lovely!

Hand dyed by Alexandra's Crafts

Mackenzie Textiles

From Cloth Roads / mostly from south America. Pricey but just gorgeous

Eugene Textile Center
I had decided I absolutely did not want to take home more
yarn or roving (I have a room full!!! You can imagine with
all my embroidery, spinning and knitting!) But this does
not preclude weaving! I got some 10/2 mercerized cotton for
Overshot place mats, another shuttle and a hook. Happy I found
exactly what I needed.

And the display of Competition Items:
Lovely felting!! Bremen-town Musicians.

Lots of my favorite Border collies/ felted

Hand spun/ Hand knit

Woven? Couldn't find a description on it,
but it is VERY NEAT!!!!

I love this shawl!!!

Pretty wing scarf

And last but not least... Best Of Show
a lovely shawl of natural colors.
My friends and I look forward to this day every year. Black Sheep
is the best in Oregon!!! Wonderful artists represented.
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  1. Hi Cynthia - That's my woven shawl! A friend of mine (in Wyoming) alerted me that it was on your blog. It's deflected doubleweave on 8 shafts - project details are on Ravelry under DianeOregon. (We've swapped messages before, but it's been a while). Let me know if you have any questions.

  2. Hi Cynthia, what a lovely compilation of all the wonderful offerings at the show this year. Thank you for stopping by our booth and for featuring our handmade Blending Boards and the amazing Rolags they can create. See you there next year ❤︎