Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 2015 Trade Needlework show in Nashville!!!

 This was the very best show. Way more vendors and
many more shops. People came from far and wide, even
with the horrid weather back east.
Ink Circles Booth at Nashville
 I was so happy Tracy sold out of a lot of patterns. She had about 9 
new patterns and they went fast.I wanted the "Get Kraken" and 
she wouldn't let me have it until the end of the show. She of 
course sold out and lucky for me, we found a pattern when she
was packing up! Love the Fresian samplers! This is a very funny 
version of the battle of 1694 in the Greenland sea. 
All lives were lost trying to trap the Sea mermaids.
It says in Dutch "And thus began the epic battle and no man 
escaped his watery grave".  * or maybe I just made all that up!
 I especially love the tiny ship on the monsters tail! 
Colors are fabulous Gloriana silks.

So we must all get Kraken!!!

The Green is Holly Jolly Mandala show special... sold out

Gigi Ries of Belgium,  brought a real Tappan cloth  originally from Sumatra, to show us the
style of Tracy's Big Red Ship (mine in progress on the right)
Tracy's wee "Cover Story", a take on overshot patterns
Note my handwoven Lacy scarf, underneath.
5 floors worth of shops!! in the 160's
So many shops I couldn't even see them all. The buyers figured they
had 8.5 min in each shop if they saw them all!
Summer House Stitch Works red work... Beautiful!!!

Summer House Stitch Workes "Post Cards"
Barbara Hutson's Queenstown samplers of which I bought
Mercedes Ospina, the red, and the Dutch lower right.
She has done wonderful reproduction and lucky me, I got
to meet her, and she is lovely!

An old Antique from the Needle's Work Antiques

Very cute "Freebies" from Ink Circles, Summer House Stitch workes
and Hands on Designs.... Tracy's buddies all in cahoots.
I have the patterns!!!

Gigi's ancient antiques from Belgium

Heartstrings booth, next door to us!

Eye on the Sparrow by Beth Twist

This is the Stitch Along on Sampler World that  I have started. How 
fun to see the original!!! It is so much more beautiful in person!!!
 This is my favorite picture.... MY STASH... how fun!!! I got 
2 of Barbara Hutson's Queenstown samplers, The Cardinal Points of
Long Dog with the threads at Gentle Arts Sampler Threads, and Gigi
hand carried the Ariadne magazine with a pattern I want from Belgium!!
She is such a wonderful friend. I really wanted an old Friesan sampler
Gigi brought her fantastic wall hanging of
Renato Perolin combined designs!!! Can you believe it?
This is about 5 feet tall and was hung in the hotel lobby.
A real show stopper.
A very fun time was had by all and I got back at 11:48pm after 12
hours of flying and plane transfers! So tired today, but at
least I don't have to go to work. The best part of the show was
that I got to visit with my daughter Tracy and grandson Paul for 5 days!

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  1. That Renato Parolin wall hanging is stunning. I've got orders in for nearly the same items you bought. Of course, your photos give me more ideas.....