Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Lambs and prep for our "High Desert Wool Growers Fiber Market"

My friend Michele Long has 27 new babies and only half are here.
Such fun holding and playing with them.We had a nice warm
sunny day. I also got to see her art yarns she is working up for
the show. She will have lots of yarn and roving. I am sharing
a booth with her and we will be right inside the door. I will have of
course my knitting patterns and 4 Norwegian linen and wool teppe.
I just finished weaving them only need to hem the ends. Also some
mug rugs from the samplings.
Blue eyed Angora goat

Black twin lambs

beautiful color! Angora goat baby

Michele with her baby girl gotland sheep

Newest Angora baby

Oscar... last years bottle baby

Baby Roo with my boots, good doggie smells
He is this years bottle baby and is half indoor, half out now

Roo is a fine Gotland specimen!!
the fleece is soo soft and springy, can't
wait to knit it!!

Sunbathing babys

The only way Roo will be still for a picture, and Me with very
windblown hair!

Mom goat with twins
Michele's Art yarns, some with beads and coils
3 new teppe washed After washing and some ironing the linen just shines!!!
Annie supervising the looooong runner just off the loom

My personal favorite! All with 100% Norwegian linen
and Rauma prydvevgarn/ wool from Spelsau sheep
will wear forever!!!

Blue and green teppe/ can be runner or wall hanging
Last but not least, part of a sleeve!
This is my newest pattern. It will have more pale
turquoise at the top. The body will have similar small
patterns from Norwegian weaving patterns.

This is my inspiration! My friend Berta Styve Lid in 
Norway chased down a 20 year out of print book on norge 
åklær by Anne Grete Sandstad.  Mange takk to Berta!!!
I have already used this book so much!! You can see they used the
pale turquoise, red  orange and darkest brown. The patterns
are small geometrics of repeated 6 or 4 shafts. It has NO
carries!  I also used the Enkelt skillbragd patterns in here for
my teppe above. Fantastic!! Beautiful book!!!
I am also giving a 1 hour talk on knitting with stranded patterns
at the Wool Market Sat March 28 in Prineville Oregon. Please
come!!! It is at the fairgrounds all day!!!

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  1. Very nice blog, wonderful pictures, you're very good at this. :)