Saturday, September 1, 2012

Finally Finishes!!!

Wild Apple Bohus, colors are fairly true here!

more of the Bohus Cardigan, the brown is actually more "greyish" in reality
I have finally gotten some items completed. Thank heaven
my arm is pain free and I have been knitting and spinning
a whole bunch this summer and loving /appreciating every
minute of it. First I got the buttons for my completed Bohus, in
Troms√ł, as I couldn't find any small enough in Oregon. It is the
Bohus "Wild Apple Cardigan" from Poems of Color by
Wendy Keele done in the original Fairy Hare angora blend
spun at Kimmet Craft Fibers in Wisconsin. I am embarassed to
say how long I had this yarn! I don't think it is still available.
I think these colors are simply fantastic!!! The yarn is 25% angora
and 75% Rambouillet. It is a "cloud" to wear, and very warm.

From left to right you can see the evenness improve. I finally have gotten
the right idea in spinning! It is still not perfect but more so, and much more
enjoyable to spin.The multicolored merino is enough for socks. It was hand
dyed in Washington. Tracy, my daughter gave it to me for my birthday. 
The brown green is 70% merino/ 30% alpaca. I purchased two 8 oz bumps
a few years ago at Canby, the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival,
from Sara Anderson, who dyed it. It is so fluffy and soft from the alpaca.
I spun it in a 3 ply DK for a little vest in Folk Vests. The white is fairly
uneven but close to lace weight for a shawl. It is Falkland wool and
snowy white!!!
I am still working on getting it the right and even size. The pattern I have is
"Fragaria" purchased on Ravelry. (strawberries) It has lovely nupps and
lace. I got the Falkland roving from a local lady in Depoe Bay Oregon.
Falkland sheep are raised on an island with no "bugs" so the sheep don't
have to have chemicals on their wool. It feels heavenly soft and is a really
long fiber- 5" or so. Super easy to spin.
By the way the OFFF is soon, Sept 21-23 and I am going!!!
Tiny Selbu mittens 1 1/4" across
These were just for fun! I want to make more for Christmas ornies.
They were made with fingering wool and size 0 needles.
These mittens are one of the motifs from my new sweater (I am up to
the neck on the body!) They have the shield of Norway just in time to
celebrate the "Grunnlovsjubileet" 2014 in Eidsvoll.
The 200th year of the Norwegian constitution. The sweater is a little
different colors.
This pattern will be published quickly on my website and on Ravelry.
The English version is complete and I am working on the Norwegian translation.
I took a break from my "Norwegian travels" blog but will get back to it soon.
Thank you all for your nice comments on my trip pictures.

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