Monday, September 24, 2012

2012 Oregon Flock and Fiber Weekend

This year was super fun. The weather was sunny and warm.
Delightful under the trees. There were, I think, 250 vendors
and I did well to support the local economy. In a new sock
book I purchased the author said you can't throw a skein
of yarn without hitting a new hand dyer of artistic sock yarn
in the Portland area! Many were represented and the 
selection of hand dyed rovings, yarn, beautiful combinations
of a variety of wool, alpaca, mohair and angora.Enough to 
delight the finicky spinner or knitter. I went thinking I wouldn't
need to purchase anything (I have quite a stash already) but
I broke down.

Lavender Sheep booth
Lavender sheep with the great book on socks from local dyers

My daughter Tracy truly appreciating the fiber!

Wonderful day for spinning on the grass

New Hue silks

merino silk braids

more wool with silk (lots of silks added! this year)

just one corner of one room (many more rooms + outside canopies)

Diane Cutlers blends of kid mohair/ Cormo
                                      This is where I got my lovely striped rolags.
Cute puppets

Kenleigh Fibers lovely felted creatures (Note border collie, my personal favorite)

Wolf Ridge Icelandic sheep pelts

The pelt I fell for and adopted, it's on my chair! Cushy!!!

                    There were quite a few ladies demonstrating bobbin lace.

The grand champion winner, shawl hand dyed and spun, then knit. Gorgeous
                 John Beard had a fabulous showing of his Ravenstail weavings.
                 My daughter and grandson were mesmerized. The weaving is so
                 intricate and best appreciated by mathematical minds like theirs
.                It was just facinating. I have much more appreciation for
                 Pacific Northwes Native art. It is interesting that the colors to
                 accent were yellow and a beautiful pale turquoise. (no red)

Nice Fleece!!!
No fiber show is finished without a trip to the barns and visiting
the animals.

A little baby bunny

Fleece for sale in the Sunday parking lot sale. Great buys!!!!

Gotland fleece on the hoof (resting!)
Really cool new spinning wheels. My grandson spent a long time spinning. He's hooked!!! He was actually telling the girls how to figure the ratios on the wheels! He is a walking factual repository.
Wolfhound show next door! They all got howling and it was a kick!!!
We ended up the day with a lovely trip home and ate a really nice
 dinner outside at the Terminus on the Willamette River in Corvallis. 
Then home very happy. Wonderful weekend

Total: 1 fleece (lamb Gotland) 1 flick carder, 3 bobbins for my lendrum,
 3 rovings and a great book: "Indie Socks" by Chrissy Gardiner.
Wonderful new patterns for hand dyed yarn.
Oh and 1 skein of "Socks That Rock" (my favorite sock yarn)

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  1. ooohhhhh I want to come next time How wonderful
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