Saturday, July 28, 2012

Åndalsnes area, Rauma Ullvarefabrikk, Trollstigen, Trollveggen

These 3 places were seen in one day; a gorgeous sunny, and warm day.
I had been really anxious to visit the factory where the lovely
Rauma wool comes from. It is a family run business and thankfully
their son will take over and it will stay so. We had the FULL guided tour.
Factory backyard
Raw wool to finished sweaters, blankets, and yarn. The day after
Christmas last year they had a terrible flood with muddy water
about 2 feet up in the factory.
Quite a lot of yarn was lost then,but it is running full force and clean
as a whistle now. I couldn't believe with all this loose wool there was not even
any lint about.

view of mountains and lupine from inside
Bale of raw wool
wool carder


Bobbins of one ply yarn ready to be plied
Plies made into yarn

white wool yarn ready to dye
Purple when it comes out this time

Red yarn skeined and ready to make into balls
One of the owners with my puppet
 I had a really nice visit with her in Norwegian.
 I can't believe she actually understood me. She served us coffee and rolls.
Her husband gave us the tour
He is holding the Marius genser, their famous copyrighted pullover.
The work force is smaller now with many machines but done to great quality.

Another color of the "Marius" being linked together
Glimakra looms in various stages of weaving

finished part of above weaving

Glimakra looms sold here too.
Rauma storefront

All colors of Rauma yarn
One of their finished sweaters
On the way to Trollstigen (The Trolls Ladder)

Narrow small roads but in excellent shape

A very old Troll
Starting the climb up
Clear blue water at the top, just melted ice!

View down from top of mountain

View upward from same place
People hop over the rail and make "troll" cairns

Back down
The first sod roof I saw, a beautiful one too
Base jumping off Trollveggen, very illegal!
 From Trollstigen we drove to Trollveggen. 
 It is strictly forbidden to jump off as many have died here.
Most people never get to see the top, usually it lives in a cloud

Trollveggen, just after the sun went behind it, but it did not set!

 Trollveggen (the Troll wall) is the highest vertical rock face in Europe at 1700m.
 It is in the Romsdalen valley near Åndalsnes.
We packed in a lot for one day!!! Fantastic countryside.


  1. Seams like you are having a great time! Enjoy Norway, wish I was there!

  2. Looks like you had some perfect weather to view these beautiful sites. Of course, this makes me want to pull my knitting out RIGHT NOW. So glad you had such fun.

  3. Beautiful pictures and thank you for sharing those lovely views of the mountains and valley.