Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nashville!!! TNNA and Pat Metheny!!!!

My daughter Tracy (  had a booth
at the Nashville Needlework Association show for designers.
I was her minion for the duration!
You can't imagine the fun of seeing all my favorite designers
new charts and worked up designs in person. I will try to
post enough pictures to give you the flavor. Great year of new

My favorite pattern of Donna's: Spin Out designed for her students
to show the "Lacy Edge", a pretty Hardanger favorite stitch.
Donna Olson's Satin Stitches
 I LOVE hardanger. So fun to stitch.
Myself and Donna

Picture This Plus hand dyed linens, fabulous new colors

Some examples of new charts out using PTP, Tracy's Peace Wheel is
on the bottom center.

Gentle Arts Sampler Thread, my favorite overdyed cotton
Tracy Horner's InkCircles new 3

Birds & Bees on 40 count, one of my personal favorites

More of InkCircles including the 4th Bad Neighborhood

Seasons of Beth Ann Seal's Summer House Stitche Workes
Beth's site: Summer House Stitche Workes

Summer House Stitch Workes

Beth was using this fabulous woven place-mat to show her finished
designs off. It is from the Family Heirloom weavers who make lovely
 woven items. Being a new weaver I looked very closely and love it.

Dinky-Dyes silk

New Long Dog designs now carried with
 Dinky- Dyes & European Cross Stitch
Tracy's new pattern Four de Lys using Treenway silk

Gorgeous Treenway silk which now carries a 10 yard 6-strand/ see above
I was so impressed with Susan and Treenway silk. They carry many yarns and
floss for weaving too.
Always my favorite Rosewood Manor! Karen's whole group of seasonal Quakers!
Karen's Black Lace Sampler
 I bought the Black Lace and the Autumn Quaker patterns, both lovely!!!
You can purchase them at any fine needlework store. Rosewood manor site link
so... after the TNNA we stayed in Nashville for and extra 
day and there is sure a lot to do there! I had purchased tickets to
 the Pat Metheny Unity Group concert Sun night at the old 
Ryman Theater, built in1892. Absolutely fantastic acoustics, all wood interior.
The group was exceptional. Chris Potter on the
alto and regular sax was just out of this world. All 4 
of the guys were great. Best jazz concert I have ever been to!!! 
Metheny must have used 6 different guitars, one a harp guitar with 2 heads.
New Unity Group Home page Listen to this video if you wish.

Minnie and Roy at the Ryman!!! Loved this!! I actually remember
seeing her price tag on her hat when I heard her as a kid!!!

stage right before the concert... then no pictures allowed!
I swiped the picture of the old Ryman from Wickipedia

Pat Metheny Unity Band
On to the Frist Visual Art Center!

I love these original architectural drawings!! They have the
Art Deco trim and even a picture of the Eagle.

Hall of the Frist

Art Deco designs around grill work. Original building was the Nashville Post Office.
Inside was work by Monet, Mary Cassatt, Munch, Van Gogh and Degas.
Western artist looking East to Japan was the theme. Really a worthwhile visit.
Frist Calandar  It doesn't matter if they wouldn't let me take pictures
as their site has it all.
Flying saucer restraunt in Nashville after the Frist, just
across the street! We ate with our friends from "We, of the Needle"
super great lunch!!!
More inside the Flying Saucer
Nashville's Old Custom House built in 1875.

So, I said I had a lot of pictures, probably too many but there were none
I wanted to leave out! What a great 6 days!!! Great trip and lovely time
to visit with my daughter Tracy.

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  1. I am envious that you got to see all the new things at the show. Hope some day comes when the show will be open to the public and I then can wander through the merchandise and dream of all the stitching. Thank you for the pictures.