Sunday, June 16, 2013

Spinning in Paradise at Crescent Moon Alpaca Ranch

Every year The Crescent Moon Alpaca Ranch near Terrebonne, Or 
has a wonderful day of celebrating their alpaca with shearing, Bar-B-Q 
and music. Also, lucky for me, spinning! They invited spinners from the
area to participate and for a present, gave us the alpaca fleece of our choice!!!
My choice after hard deliberation of all the gorgeous colors!!
 Any of you can purchase fleece at the above website. It was $50 for a fleece
of 16 different choice colors!!! They also usually have yarn but I didn't see
any available now. Check later!. In the boutique there are also coats, scarves
and sweaters. Gorgeous, soft and a little shiny.
Little shorn baby, cria the softest fleece
This is the only spotted alpaca I saw

Newly shorn
Saying "HI"

Careful shearing
The animals are restrained and remain perfectly still. 
It seems he was sleeping! Notice the old fashioned shears the man on
the left uses. I just saw the same ones in a really old book. The
other man has electric clippers for the body.
The ranch has about 400 alpacas and can shear about 10 a day. Lots of
work. They keep the grounds spotless and the animals so well cared for.

Spinners happily spinning, from my new guild here in Redmond

My friend Helen with her drop spindle. Very relaxed and enjoying the day

Their swimming pool
 You can see the 3 Sisters mountains in the back, Faith, Hope and Charity.
Great place for me to spin by the pool
Helen's very well behaved dog Ginger, getting love from a cute baby!!
It couldn't have been a more perfect day. I actually got a lot of wool spun 
(didn't have any alpaca yet)  The weather was super wonderful. It is that 
way a whole lot in Central Oregon. It is super fun to spin outside.


  1. Really enjoyed reading this. I just LOVE alpaca wool! Thank you very much for sharing <3

  2. Hi Cynthia, I don't knit but I do love to see all the things you have made, just gorgeous and I love the photos too. I found your blog thanks to a lady who lives in Norway. I recently posted on Queen Anne's Lace and she wanted to know the name in Norwegian. A little while later she came back with your link for me to see. It was: and well, here I am :) Very happy to have found your lovely blog. Have a great week!