Tuesday, June 4, 2013

From the Ocean to the Mountain

We are getting settled in the High Desert of Central Oregon
 surrounded by the Cascades and Smith Rock state park.
What a splendid view.
3 Sisters to the West

Mount Hood farther to the North

Mt Jefferson, fairly close to the northwest
Smith Rock State Park to the North
All of these pictures were taken from our den on the
second story. It has windows all around and it fantastic to stitch there
Pond dogs, extremely HAPPY


swimming in irrigation pond

Most of the reason we moved here in the country was to
give the dogs a place to run free
 . We still have to watch them closely so
they don't go through the fence and chase chickens, horses etc.
We are getting the fences mended bit by bit but it is a long way around.
Neighbors quarter horse
 He is a farrier and has lots of gorgeous thoroughbreds too.
 Beautiful animals-
I love to wash the dishes and look at the horses while I am doing this.
One of our deer

Momma and baby robins
They are starting to get big. We can watch them closely when we sit out
on the back deck. I stitched there a long time the other day and
it is super enjoyable, peaceful!!!

more deer in the backyard

clearing brush for fire prevention
                                        ( I just posed, Alan did all the work!)
Lower back yard by pond, just gorgeous

Back yard
This is more up by the house. Obviously the property is why we moved here!
Progress on "A Forest Grew" from Rosewood manor, nearly finished!!!

Big Red Beast coming along, I have Angels and maybe one or  2 borders to go
                                        I have to finish this one before it is too long to fit on a wall.
Chullo hat I am making for my friend Kim... a Knit Picks kit

I think I will spend more time on stitching this summer when it gets hot.
In the fall I plan on teaching at a new local yarnshop:
We will have some classes on Norwegian knitting which I LOVE
 to teach
I am finding Spinning and Fiber group and am so happy we moved here.
I won't mind the snow in winter either, I'm from Duluth!! I feel like
God Bless America, from the prairie to the ocean to the mountains!!!!

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