Sunday, February 5, 2012

Yaquina Fiber Arts annual Spin-In, Newport Oregon 2012

Whimsical Ewe, felted lamb
 This happens every year and it keeps getting more fun!
There were way more people and since the
 weather was as perfect as it gets on the
coast in February they came from far away.
There were terrific vendors representing all
kinds of fiber, yarn and little felted lambs.
I must confess I am a fiber addict, sometimes
drawn to the new colors of roving, sometimes
simply to the  feel of it. I fell for some Merino/
Tussah silk top from Opulent Fibers.
I got some in pale turquoise and some in
apple green. Maybe for some fair isle?
I also got some pure white wool from the Falkland
islands. This was from my friend, Elsie.
This feels as soft as marino but Elsie said it will fluff up more.
I am anxious to try spinning it.
We spun, visited, ate, drank coffee (all provided by Sassafrass Sue's of 
Toledo, yum)and spun some more.
One more booth that was as always, beautiful, is Spindlewood for
for fantastic hand worked spindles. Sorry I did not get a picture.
They have great Nostepinner too

Bags and more lambs by Whimsical Ewe soon to have a shop on Etsy

197 spinners turned out Sat on a bright, sunny windless day!

It is hard to get over 100 wheels in a picture!

Every wheel maker represented with women of all ages.

Elsie of Elsie's Discount Roving 3mi N of Depot Bay

Tash, expert felter! made her own dredlocks

Margret's vest made of her spun wool
 Remember, any one can come visit our guild meetings at the
Toledo Library the third Saturday of the month from 10-3.
Bring your lunch and drinks. Welcome!
Freda and some of the Yaquina FA's spinners

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  1. That looks like so much fun. Wish I could have come. Great pictures.