Thursday, October 20, 2011

Published Today: Til Karin - 4 Elements

Til Karin - 4 Elements
                      Karin Larsson, wife to Carl the famous Swedish painter, wove
                      a tapistry in 1903 that was very modern for her time.
                      The first time I saw this tapestry shown in their home,
                      I thought it was about Pentecost with the
                      cross in the center and the flames. It was much later I 
                      found out it represented Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.
                      It has fascinated me for years. Her piece is shown in nearly
                      every picture of their dining room, on the back of the sofa.
                      It took me about a year to design my version, and
                      another 6 months to stitch the piece.
                      It is done on 36 ct Legacy linen from Picture This Plus,
                      Gentle Arts Sampler threads. The small details are in 
                      Assisi style with some backstitch. It is fairly easy to stitch and
                      to see the colors evolve. Their overdyed thread is a joy to use!
                      Karin has always been my heroine. She had 7 living children.
                      She wove tapestries and embroidered many pieces for the
                      home plus sewed most of the clothing for the family, cooked 
                      and took care of them all. She made the Larsson home a
                      beautiful,  warm environment.
                      The pattern for my embroidery will be at the
                       "Online Needlework show"  today.
                      It may be purchased by shops but viewed by all.
                      It will be available at needlework shops now,
                      but also at my daughters site Ink Circles in the future.



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