Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Whole Family here for Vacation!

                                     My 3 kids, spouses and 6 grandkids here at once!
                                     ( Missing 1 grandson,sil and husband not in pic)
                                     E at Oregon Coast Aquarium watching seals
                                     Tidepool At OCA with 3 grandkids
                                    Marine gardens below our house with youngest
                                 Huge gumboot chitin all curled up; we put him back!

                                    My favorite Great Blue Heron. I always take
                                     his picture!

                                    Smallest granddaughter with snail. Can you believe
                                    it was this warm and sunny here? The whole week!!!
                                   One of our 100 seals and gull
                                     Searching out all the nooks and crannies full of
                                     anemones and starfish.
                                   We have never had such great weather during our
                                    vacations and my grandchildren (all from dry areas
                                    had more fun than ever at the ocean.
                                   I got to keep Hannah (17) for an extra week as
                                   we do every summer. She is part fish and loves our
                                   beaches as do my dogs.        

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  1. Lovely to see everyone together. I always enjoy a photo heavy blog.
    Enjoy your time with Hannah. She is one talented artistic young lady!x